Small Group Training Schedule

  Kettlebell Strength 6:00am with Zac HIIT Training 5:30am with Zac    HIIT Training  5:30am with Zac  
    HITT Training (no drop in) 6:30am with Chris   HITT Training (no drop in) 6:15am with Chris  
          30-min G-FIT ropes/bodyweight 8:30am with Zac
G-FIT 9:00am with Colleen Strength & HIIT 9:00am with Julie Cycle & Strength 9:00am with Chris & Krissy   Cycle & Strength 9:00am with Zac & Lindsay  
      Power Hour 10:30 with Chris    
         Circuit Training 11:00am with Colleen  
    Circuit Training 12:00pm with Colleen      
TRX Training 5:00pm with Tammy          
G-FIT 6:00pm with Colleen Strength & HIIT 6:15pm with Julie   G-FIT anti-aging, bone health  and mobility 6:00pm with Julie     
Power Hour 7:00pm with Colleen          
*** Color KEY: Green=Novice; Blue=Intermediate; Red=Advance; Uncolored=open to all fitness levels*** Email to REGISTER or for MORE INFO!