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FIT-traxx™ Results

Don't take our word for it! Hundreds of Global Fitness members and non-members have enjoyed amazing results from FIT-traxx. Here is what only a few of them have had to say:

 "I lost about 30 pounds in the first 4 sessions. I can actually do a push up for the first time. It's a great overall workout and the trainers are fun."
Jenn A., 35

"I lost 2 pounds and 4 inches in only 3 weeks!
FIT-traxx™ is awesome! If you're looking to lose inches, FIT-traxx™ is the way to go!"
Risa G., 42

"The trainers help with form and motivation. It's getting personal training for a lot less money. You should try it if you want to be challenged."
Pam W., 37

"I heard good things about the program and I am definitely feeling stronger. It's a great workout and if you want to get into shape, this is the way to go."
Kim L.

"If you want to jump start your fitness program and to get into shape the fastest way possible with great support, then this is the program for you!"
Sophia B., 53

"My friend said FIT-traxx™ was a fun and effective way to get in shape. I sit at a desk all day and have gotten overweight. My wife is pregnant with our first child, and I really wanted to be in shape when our baby girl is born. My stamina and endurance is through the roof!
FIT-traxx™ has shown me that I can blaze a trail to fitness. The results have been fast and furious and I'm having a great time doing it. It works, it's fun and you can do it!"
Jeremy S., 26

FIT-traxx™ gets results! It's challenging, but I always felt like I had accomplished something at the end of each class."
Shara O., 44

"I lost 5 pounds and 7 1/2 inches in four weeks!
FIT-traxx™ is a fantastic fitness program. You have to try it at least once. Everyone can benefit from FIT-traxx™."
Kerry B., 39

"I needed to get in better shape and
FIT-traxx™ is more disciplined than general membership for "procrastinators". I lost 5.5 inches after only 4 weeks. FIT-traxx™ is a great program with awesome instructors to guide and push you!"
Danielle D., 40+

"I have been doing classes 3-4 times per week and needed a change and some motivation. The biggest benefits of
FIT-traxx™ are the small groups and tracking the results."
Kim L., 27

"All my friends were taking
FIT -traxx™ and I thought I would try it. My cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar rates have all gone down. FIT-traxx™ is a great workout."
Deb F., 53

"I was at a plateau and needed to take my workout to the next level. I really like the group motivation and the motivation from the trainer to push through each workout and trying new routines. I've lost 7 pounds and my arms are becoming more toned. I've also lost inches around my stomach. Definitely take the class. It's totally worth it. You will be happy with the results, plus you will have fun!"
Erica P., 28

"Other members explained how good the program was so I tried it. I like the specific body part routines and that the workouts mix week to week. You have to try it.
FIT -traxx™ is well worth the time, effort and money."
Chip T., 47

"I needed to jump start my fitness routine. I was very lazy and unmotivated over the winter. The encouragement of the coach and co-participants forced me to work out of my comfort zone and I've lost weight and inches but mostly, I feel stronger, have more energy and feel healthier. FIT-traxx™ is a great way to shape up quickly under the guidance of a qualified professional."
Kathy P., 44

"I tried Fit-traxx™ because it was recommended by another Global Fitness member. I like that it gets me to the gym three times a week and challenging every time. I have lowered my BMI, lost weight and lost inches. Fit-traxx™ really works!"
Anne M., 55
"I needed a jump start getting into shape. FIT-traxx™ has gotten me into a great routine and I am much better at both cardio and weights. FIT-traxx™ has been a super experience."
Irene B., 64

"I was seeing other people getting results. I like the small groups in
FIT-traxx™ because it makes you work harder. I feel better and my clothes fit better. It is a great program that will produce results if you put the effort into it."
Patricia C., 39

"The biggest benefit is the knowledge you get about nutrition, cardio and form. I have lost 27 pounds, about 10% body fat and feel so much more capable to keep the weight off."
Melissa L., 28

"I tried
FIT-traxx™ from a friend's recommendation. I have lost 6 inches and 5% body fat so far. FIT -traxx™ is lots of fun and you'll see great results."
Kim G., 29

"I tried
FIT-traxx™ because of the results it promotes. FIT-traxx™ is the biggest bang for the buck because of the instructor led exercises forces me to have a more thorough workout. FIT-traxx™ is a great way to kick start an exercise routine."
Don L., 49

"I heard wonderful things about
FIT-traxx™ and how it really works. My trainer gave me a lot of encouragement AND allowed me to go at a pace I felt comfortable with. Sign up and learn the proper way to exercise. Don't be intimidated, stick with it and you will see for yourself!"
Tricia K.

"I love that
FIT-traxx™ only lasts one hour. Now my daughter can't "borrow" my clothes anymore. Come and suffer with the rest of us!"
Vicki B.

"I needed direction and someone to push me farther than I would push myself. The biggest benefits are the knowledgeable instructors providing education, direction doing exercises right and providing a safe workout. I have lost 4% body fat and 3 inches. You should definitely do it! It will push you and challenge you."
Eric H., 27

"I needed motivation and consistency in my workouts. I like the personal training during each class and the encouragement and positive reinforcement from the trainers. I am more toned and energized.
FIT-traxx™ is a great way to get back into workouts. There is no intimidation from others and your personal goals can be met at each workout."
Kim C.

"A friend brought me to
FIT-traxx™. What I like most is that FIT-traxx™ encourages you to do different things and to work at your level and do what you can do. FIT-traxx™ makes you feel great and gives you more energy after each class."
Jean G.

I tried
FIT-traxx™ after newly returning to the gym after an extremely long hiatus. I have seen increases in my strength and confidence. It is a great way to build strength, tone and lose fat in an inclusive, encouraging environment instead of being solo. The instructor was highly motivational as well as realistic!"
Monica C., 48

"I tried
FIT-traxx™ because of the success I saw other people achieve. I like working with a trainer and all the different kinds of workouts in FIT-traxx™. I have lost weight, lost inches and lost body fat. I recommend two sessions for the best results and it's a great jumpstart to fitness."
Donna B., 58

"I wanted results and FIT-traxx™ sounded great. I like the great people and the great results and the very comfortable atmosphere. I have lost body fat and feel overall better. You gotta try it. It works, it's intense and it's worth it."
Melissa D., 27

"I wanted to get into a workout program and a friend referred
FIT-traxx™. I love how we do strength training and then cardio. I really helped me get through it. FIT-traxx™ is a great way to get in shape and into a workout routine."
Shelley L., 31
"I need direction to maintain a fitness routine and nutritional help that I could work with on my own. I like FIT-traxx™ because I can workout at my individual level but in a group. Try it!"
Heidi B., 50

"I wanted to try something more intense than what I was used to and to jump start my metabolism for weight loss. Donna is always enthusiastic, encouraging and patient. I have definitely improved my strength and coordination and learned quite a bit about proper form and avoiding injury.
FIT-traxx™ kills but it is worth doing to learn correct form and to challenge yourself physically and mentally."
Karen F.

"I wanted to try
FIT-traxx™ to build my strength and to lose weight. I like the encouragement and motivation. I don't feel like I'm on my own to lose weight. I have lost inches and weight and it has helped me to strive to my weight loss goal."
Sara B., 27

"I wanted to get a jump start and after observing different classes, I knew this would be the best way to get healthy and fit. I really like having a coach and making friends with your teammates. It's always easier to stick to something if I have support and I have that with
FIT-traxx™. I have lost a few inches and pounds and I have a lot more energy now. Thank you for the support!"
Betty W., 28

"I have always wanted a personal trainer and I love the group classes too.
FIT-traxx™ is the PERFECT combination of both. I like how the coach pushes you and doesn't let you give up. Try it! It WORKS!"
Victoria C., 16

"I enjoy circuit training and also working with my coach. He is very knowledgeable and makes you always feel good about yourself. I have lost 13 inches and 5.1 pounds of body fat.
FIT-traxx™ is a great program, great instructors, great results."
Lisa A., 37

FIT-traxx™ never gets easier because as you gain strength and endurance, you work harder each week. I have lost weight, gained strength, gained endurance and gained cardio fitness. FIT-traxx™ is a great motivation to a healthy workout program and the coaches are great."
Dave D., 55

"I needed a jumpstart with my workouts.
FIT-traxx™ makes me push myself much more than I would on my own. I have lost some inches on my stomach and overall I feel better. FIT-traxx™ is tough but worth the effort."
Valerie D., 52

"I joined
FIT-traxx™ to get my fitness and nutrition on track! So far I have lost 6 pound and however many inches. I feel great and it has exceeded my expectation. Join ASAP if you want to get serious about results."
Nissa T., 34

"I wanted to lose body fat and I heard of others getting great results. The coaches definitely push you do your best and I feel better and stronger. I highly recommend
FIT-traxx™. It is a great workout and you feel great afterwards."
Laurel B., 22

"I wanted and structured workout program and I heard the instructors were knowledgeable and help and I needed help with my metabolism. I now have more energy, more muscle tone and I can make it through the one hour workout completely."
Maria C., 54

"I liked the group aspect of
FIT-traxx™. It is less intimidating than personal training. I feel fitter cardio-wise and I feel my body getting stronger. FIT-traxx™ is great! I even talked my husband into doing it with me."
Melissa P., 35


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